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About Us

About Us

In 1982, while living by the beach in the vegetarian-friendly town of Encinitas, California, another veggie restaurant sprouted up. Having grown bored and tired of typical TV, I was elated to find a place with a video lounge where you could eat and learn something new and different. It was, in fact, very different.

After perusing some of the Krishna consciousness writings and watching some of the Govinda's Restaurant videos, I was deeply impressed with the philosophy and theology. It was comprehensive, attractive, and just made more sense than anything I'd studied previously.

Unsure about the grandiose claims associated with this teaching, I concluded that I should try to practice it. So in 1985 I began practicing Krishna consciousness while working full-time. Shortly thereafter I moved close to the San Diego Hare Krishna temple to participate in its programs as an ISKCON congregational member. In 1990 I took initiation from H.H. Hridayananda Dasa Goswami and in 2004 moved to Tucson, Arizona where there is an ISKCON center.

Why is this relevant? Because as someone who has never lived in a Hare Krishna temple for an extended period, yet goes to the early morning service (5:00am), chants 16 rounds and actively participates in ISKCON, I am acutely aware of what it's like to live outside a temple.

Thus you see my keen interest in congregational development. And this interest has resulted in the Hare Krishna 108 curriculum, which you now see before you.

Please go forward, learn about Krishna consciousness and share it with others. Srila Prabhupada explains that by watering the root of a tree, the whole tree is nourished. And if we similarly water the root of our existence, which is Lord Krishna — the source of everything — we can nourish and factually help ourselves and the world in the best possible way.
  — Gangeya Dasa